Why We Work

We work with a broad range of content producers and rights holders to provide education and enforced notices. Our goal is not to monetize piracy or recapture loses, but to help educate people about the problems with piracy and how they can obtain content legally, safely and to ensure the artists and those that work in the creative fields are protected.

Unlike pure notice programs working on volume, we utilize of the latest technology to carefully identify the IP addresses of those making our client’s content available for distribution through Bittorrent or peer-to-peer networks. Before a notice is sent to an infringer there have been multiple direct connections to the infringer’s computer and multiple downloads of content confirmed to be infringing. The content being distributed, the precise time, and other data, are all collected and verified. This verified data, which has been tested in court, then serves as basis for the copyright infringement notices sent through internet service providers (ISPs) pursuant to 17 U.S.C. §512(a).

Each notice sent educates infringers and directs them to legal content access and educational information about the harms of piracy. We don’t just warn people and tell them to stop, we ask them to learn about the harms of piracy so they know why they should stop. We also work to educate the public on how they can obtain quality content economically, legally and safely.

Finally infringers are offered an opportunity to resolve a rights holder’s claim for a nominal amount.

However, should infringers ignore the notices, we are also prepared to back our claims and bring repeated persistent egregious offenders to court as evidenced by our proven track record of hundreds of judgments nationwide. (See Recent Cases)

On behalf of all of our clients, please enjoy your online content safely… and legally.