We utilize of the latest technology to identify the IP addresses of those making our client’s content available for distribution through Bittorrent or peer-to-peer networks. Our client's IT experts collect evidence of copyright infringement by IP addresses, confirming exact time, geolocation of the infringing activity, and other data. Each act of infringement is confirmed and authenticated multiple times. This serves as basis of the copyright infringement notices sent through internet service providers (ISPs) pursuant to 17 U.S.C. §512(a). If you have received a notice you should seek independent legal advice from a lawyer and provide them a copy of the notice.

If you have received a copyright infringement notice your internet service has already been used to infringe our client’s rights and a lawsuit is being considered.

We are authorized by our clients to negotiate with the infringer to resolve this claim prior to filing suit. We provide you an opportunity to settle now for a nominal amount to compensate our clients for lost sales and profits as a result of your infringing activities. For further information, please login using your claim number and IP address from the notice or contact us.